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Queensland Corrective Services (QCS), in partnership with other key criminal justice agencies, is committed to the critical role of "community safety and crime prevention through the humane containment, supervision and rehabilitation of offenders".

QCS subscribes to five key values:

  • Integrity - we act ethically, honestly, impartially and in the best interest of the community
  • Accountability - we are publicly accountable for our actions
  • Working together - we work in collaboration with our colleagues, stakeholders and the community
  • Learning - we value creativity, innovation, flexibility and continual improvement in the pursuit of excellence
  • Diversity - we treat all people with respect and value differences

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Recruitment Process

As part of the recruitment process for QCS, with the exception of Probation and Parole, you will be required to undertake a fitness assessment.

Please ensure you review the video and train for and practise the assessment

Our Purpose

While our core purpose is to foster community safety and crime prevention through humane containment, supervision and interventions for offenders, we are also initiating and contributing to a range of coordinated, integrated and collaborative groups, agencies and strategies in order to deliver safer and more secure communities.

Our overall role in fulfilling this purpose is to provide corrective services in Queensland in accordance with the Corrective Services Act 2006 (PDF), the Corrective Services Regulation 2006 (PDF) and related legislation.

So, while we operate correctional centres, district offices and reporting centres across the State, we are actively working on integrating our offender management systems to ensure that all offenders are provided with appropriate classification and supervision as well as programs, education and vocational training that will maximise their chance to reintegrate successfully into society when they are released.

An increasing number of projects and services are carried out in conjunction with other government departments and stakeholder groups. Examples of these include Borallon Correctional Centre's collaboration with the Queensland Police Service's Crime Stopper's project; our partnership with Police and the Department of Justice and the Attorney-General in the Concerned Persons' Register and the Integrated Justice Information System (IJIS); and a Memorandum of Understanding with Centrelink, which ensures that released prisoners have timely access to government assistance.

The department continues its strong commitment to equity and cultural diversity. We are actively involved in the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice Agreement, recognise and endeavour to meet the special needs of female offenders and have recently provided foreign language induction material for non-English speaking prisoners.

This internet site is designed to inform and help you understand the work we do in managing and contributing to the rehabilitation of prisoners and offenders in Queensland.

Booklet: An overview of Queensland Corrective Services.

Correctional Services Officer working in Queensland

Our Vision

Queensland Corrective Services' vision is to become the leader in our business and a partner in criminal and social justice.

Being a leader in corrections means we are:

  • building on established and sound correctional practices
  • actively driving the policy agenda to set the future direction of corrective services
  • establishing innovative and effective intervention strategies and programs

Being a partner in criminal and social justice means that we will:

  • share our knowledge
  • influence positive change
  • be responsive to community priorities
  • establish participative and collaborative networks

QCS is striving continuously for more effective and innovative programs and services, fair and humane treatment of offenders and a strong commitment to equity and cultural diversity.

Should you have an enquiry regarding working for QCS then please e-mail us qcs@au.manpowergroup.com or call us on (07) 3407 3175. 

Current Opportunities

Custodial Correctional Officer – Correctional Centre

As a custodial correctional officer, you will be responsible for supervising and providing services to prisoners on a daily basis and actively participating in their rehabilitation through work and program activities.

CCO - Escort and Security Branch

Escort & Security Branch comprises 3 units:

  • Courts Unit
  • Escort Unit
  • Princess Alexandra Hospital Secure Unit

CCO - Trade Instructors

As a Trade Instructor you will supervise and assist prisoners to gain the applicable technical skills and to develop a positive work ethic and attitude.

Probation and Parole Officer – Case Manager

As a Case Manager your responsibility will be to ensure offender compliance with the reporting requirements and conditions of community-based orders through supervising and case managing offenders.


QCS have offices, correctional centres and reporting centres servicing regions across Queensland. Click the button below to view a full map of our locations.


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