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Value Add Services

Power your business with value add solutions.

Enhance your contingent, permanent or volume staffing solution or choose a stand-alone service option. Whatever you choose, our suite of solutions ensures your needs are always met.

Payroll services

Manpower provides a highly competitive payroll service which offers our clients a payroll system that helps reduce time and administration costs. As part of this service Manpower is the direct employer and holds full employment responsibilities and liabilities.

Our payroll services can take the form of:
    • full management of the contractors as Manpower employees

    • administering payroll and paying the contractors

    • administering payroll for our clients, while our clients still pays the contractors.

Our payroll services reduces administrative costs by:
    • onboarding - reducing time to engage candidates

    • processing

    • contractor payrolling

    • ensuring the Contractor is paid on time

    • keeping Contractor records accurate

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Unbundled recruitment

Manpower delivers individual services as required by our clients in order to provide specific support when the need arises due to increased activity or staff shortages. We can provide tailored solutions across a full range of unbundled services, including:

    • Initial phone screening and short listing - Our experienced teams manage high volume phone and desk screen service during peak seasonal requirements, enabling faster shortlist times and achieving better placement outcomes.

    • Reference checking - Our behavioural based reference checking process helps save clients' time and money, ensuring long term cultural fit and skills match.

    • Panel / interview representation - Prioritising our understanding of clients cultural fit requirements means we can represent clients in a panel interview or perform candidate interviews on your behalf, ensuring that we will align position competencies with technical skills along with cultural fit front of mind.

    • Process design and generalist HR consulting - Our HR consulting teams are informed by unparalleled employment data that can be leveraged to assist clients streamline and innovate their workforce processes and systems.

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Workforce Planning and Employee Redeployment

Manpower can assist in planning for fluctuations in labour requirements and in preparing a talent pool of pre-screened and inducted candidates in the lead up to times of high demand. By forecasting and controlling demand, Manpower can ensure that candidates are available when required, reducing downtime between roles filled and overtime by current employees and ensuring orders are filled on time and in full.

Additionally, Manpower can assist in the redeployment of candidates after the end of their assignment into alternative temp, contractor or permanent positions. This approach leads to improved productivity through candidate’s with established knowledge of your internal systems and processes as well as reduced downtime. Manpower consultants will proactively manage end dates to ensure assignments end when business need does. Our consultants will work closely with hiring managers to ensure contractors and temporary staff are not under-utilised. Benefits for our clients of this approach include a reduction in spend due to the completion of assignments when the need is finished, and increased productivity through full use of temporary staff and contractors at all times.

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Full lifecycle workforce solutions

ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions offers services across the full lifecycle of workforce solutions. As the world leader in workforce management solutions, ManpowerGroup’s total workforce solution options can increase business flexibility, agility, cost effectiveness, and competitive advantage. Together, our connected brands provide a suite of innovative workforce solutions that give you a competitive edge and power your success.

    • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) - global leaders in outsourcing services for large-scale recruiting and workforce-intensive initiatives.

    • Managed Services Provider (MSP) - working with leading organisations to develop, deploy, and enable an integrated approach to analysing and managing contingent talent.

    • Right Management - talent management providing outplacement, career management and leader development solutions to accelerate organisational performance and build future-ready talent.

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Staffing solutions for the talent you need

Our employment services allow you to source the numbers you need, the skills you're looking for and provides you with the flexibility to scale up or down quickly and cost-effectively in response to change.

Looking for staffing solutions?

At Manpower we’ve developed an unparalleled understanding of high-demand occupations.That means we can offer a deeper talent pool, proven recruitment processes and greater success finding right fit candidates. Need one person or 200? Contact us to discover that finding the right talent is humanly possible.

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