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Manpower has vast experience in working with clients whose workflow and levels of productivity are dictated by seasonal events, global and local economic market challenges, and unexpected events that have major implications for an organisations workforce. Manpower’s  experience in volume recruitment is highly successful and extensive. Our approach is always collaborative, and we engage with our clients to determine expectations, deliverables, locations, timelines and sourcing strategy. Our experienced teams know how many candidates we need to attract in order to meet volume requirements and we develop online assessments, candidate profiles and group assessment activities to facilitate the screening of all candidates.  Our successful approach has enabled us to deliver volume recruitment campaigns to clients across Australia.

Do you need to ramp up fast? Providing the option to outsource everything to us, or choose the parts you need help with the most, we deliver consistent, high quality candidates across Australia. The result is a cost effective, flexible, quality recruitment solution.

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Our employment services allow you to source the numbers you need, the skills you're looking for and provides you with the flexibility to scale up or down quickly and cost-effectively in response to change.